indian shaman

my new sculpt. it took me about 8 hours. I use multiresolution blender 2.63.
all the best

Superb! Welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Hi Psy-Fi

good one! nice facial structure and details make great composition

thanks Doris :wink:

Amazing work indeed.
Great job. :slight_smile:

Nice work!, is nice to see more and more people doing sculpting in Blender.

Woah, (ô¿ô)
Stellar work my friend.
Really great sculpting on this piece + I luv the headdress, it really adds to the culture of these amazing people.
Are you going to follow thru with a texture?

Very well done…


thanks, i am glad that You like it
Yes, blender have some restrict but i think that You can achieve really nice result
hehe thanks
hmm i don’t know, maybe i am not such good when it comes to texture, but i think about it :wink:

older artworks

Awesome work on the Shaman… excellent work on the cartoon… hope to see more stuff from you soon… Keep up the good work!

thanks Norvman :wink:
something new

new sculpt

I totally missed this thread.
Excellent sketchbook, impressive sculpting skills.

Brilliant stuff! :smiley:

thanks You for vote Gentelmen
all the best

Nice sketchbook. :slight_smile:

Excellent sculpts!

You should look into upgrading Blender to the latest version. If nothing else, the sculpting performance has gotten better, and you’ll be able to use dynamic-topology :slight_smile:

something new

All your works you have posted are very fine!
I like particularly the style of #12 and #19, great characters!