indian spirit/ i need nipples and stuff
comments and crits. are welcome i would love some imput on this one!!!

update- 5-10-05

all i have gotten done today was smoothing out the face a bit and making his body less square, i dont think i will work on it any more today but if i do i will post it here!

ok here is a rough draft of what the final will look like… except better

tell me what you think please :slight_smile:

Wish I could help, modelling ANYTHING organic just baffles me… :-?


That looks just like Clint eastwood.
I’m so impressed how you have captured his exact anatomy.

And how DID you do the hair? You must write a tutorial right away
so we mere mortals can see how you do it.

Colorful…wasn’t it? :smiley:

No seriously…
It’s his cousin!

smart a$$ comments aren’t really too constructive

The eyeballs look good widen out the sockets some too circular, needs to b an oval kinda

ah people like joongle giving forums everywhere a bad name lol! but anyways! its gonna be a native american (clint eastwood was a joke if you couldnt tell)
could anyone give me a good tutorial on making cloth so i can make his pants look good, it would be greatly appriciated! :smiley:

You’re absolutely right! But I think he has a sense of humour. Especially if you
see his other posts (test-tube hamsters :slight_smile: ) etc…

That said…

Anyone who want’s to start doing organic models should be starting
with something less daunting that a whole complete full-body of a
human - even if it’s a “toony” character.

I’d recommend the following:

  1. Sketch down your intended model on a piece of paper,
    it doesn’t matter if you feel that you are not good enough to draw
    it’s important for the study of “flow” in things…and to easily plan the

  2. Take look at references, and start out small…eg. with the head
    nose, ear …hands… study them and take your time and try
    not to finish so soon. You’re in no hurry.

  3. Try to stick to one project at a time, even if it seems boring sometimes,
    if you stick to a project…you will most likely finish other projects in the
    future - if you keep “dumping” your cool ideas just to start another “cool”
    project - it will reflect your future…never finishing. Don’t take that
    advice as a “you will never finish” kind of sad message…it’s just good
    advice (based on my own experience).

Easy with the shooting there Tex…

I knew it was a joke - and you should be able to tell.
If you are so upset about my joke - then next time…

…don’t tell one yourself. This is a community, if you play
you can only expect others to play along with you. If you can’t take
the heat - don’t badmouth others for it.

I am truly sorry if i hurt your feelings - that was NOT my intention :frowning:

thanks for the advice! i try for the most part to finish what im doing and since this is the first person i have tried modleing im sure its gonna take me some time to finish. so i guess you guys can look forward to constant ( and pointless) updates. hurray!!!

its a good thing i love computer art so much!!! :wink:

joongle i was joking!! no worries i really appriciate your input! :smiley: i just poke fun at things, i will make it more odvious in the future my appologise for not doing so this time :expressionless:

Toonish? Realism? What are ya shooting for partner? I might be able to help ya’s out a bit.

No harm done! :smiley:

I look forward to see your progress.

BTW: you wanted some tip on modeling cloths right? It’s actually fairly simple
once you get the hang of it.

Here’s what I do:

  1. First model the body…

  2. Then Clone the body

  3. Mark the body parts you want to be cloths eg. with face-mode selected.

  4. Press space and select selections (invert-selection)

  5. Delete the other parts of the model

  6. Now you have a mesh for your future cloth

  7. Add more details with “W” subdivide smooth

  8. Now turn on Proportional edit mode “O” button

  9. Select edgemode

10 ) Adjust your proportional mode with the scrollwheel

  1. Now move the selected edges just sligthly

With a little practice you’ll have draperies and cloths just the way
you want it.

well jackblack since his head and face looks like a lump of clay that was pummled by a jackhammer, i think this one is gonna have to be toonish lol i just dont have the skill yet to make it look realistic that will come with time im sure.

and thanks for the cloth info joongle i will have to work with that when im slightly more awake, or if i simply cant sleep… we will see haha :smiley:

First tip never start with those dang cubes, they’ll mess you up every time, at least I’ve never used them, too time consuming. Try this go to side view add a plane turn on subsuface make sure your on wireframe view anddraw a profile by extruding vertices. draw from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck, then select a vertice from below the chin, then go to top view and shaoe a jaw. then go to side view and finnish shaping it. Your own your way, may take a bit more time, but I garrentee you the end result is so much more pleasing. Also there is a tutorial I saw some where on the kind of cube based modeling your doing, cant remember wher it was though. Here’s one other tip, make your indian subsurface level 1 and then prass “alt C” it’ll convert your subsurf to a mesh and leave you with the original one as well. Then try working with your new mesh.

thanks for the alt C tip that cleared up a bit of my cpus processing power but i still dont know how to put it to use i will work with it though!

Awesome method for clothes joongle

is there a tutorial on full body modeling? Something for newbies like me. I know there is a head modeling tut.

well ive used a kinda tutorial i guess but ive heard it isnt very good. here it is if you wanna try it though


yeah, that tutorial is in the manual too. It sucks !!!

this is an excellent one