Indiana Jones style

Hey guys,

Here is my latest work for a challenge on a french blender forum. The model sheet of the little guy have been done by blendman.
It’s all done in blender. The trees are coming from the yo frankie project, I was too lazzy…sorry about that! :wink:

Well, Hope you will like it!

I love the overall image,here are a few crits though:
-the hair on the character looks a bit odd
-I think the temple in the back could use some more modelling(or just put DoF on it)
That’s it,the composition is very good,4 stars in overall.

Great character; I don’t like the background and camera position; funny, cartoon-like style.

I like it, could be a animated short or somthing.

could be a animated short or somthing.
Or like a logo animation. You know, the dude swings by your screen and then comes your company name.

Hehe…anyway, great work stouckol, that is one sweet render :smiley:

thanks guys for the kind comments !
I realize now that my background is not so good especially the temple.
I wish I could animate the scene but my skills in animation suck…maybe someday …!

thanks again :wink:

I like it all but the hair :smiley:

Lol, a generic version of Indiana Jones so it doesn’t infringe any copyright.

Sweet! This totally needs to be made into a short movie!

Looks awesome -> tho ‘Jones’ must have insanely strong arms, perhaps you should move his hand slightly higher up the rope :stuck_out_tongue: