Indiana Jones

I’ve started my brand new character project. I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to do this, but I’ve decided to make Indiana Jones for a short film. I’m actually surprised at the start that I got off too.

This will be my first attempt at creating a 3D character that is a real person. I’ll just pretend I’m doing one of my sketches(which I haven’t done in over a year). Maybe that’ll make it easier. I’m almost afraid to texture him, though my mobster didn’t turn out all that bad. We’ll see. Anyway, feel free to crit what I have so far.

An update. I started texturing the model. This will be tough. I’m not finished yet but I wanted to give you an idea before I hit the sack. So, here it is:

thats a great start to a wonderful character. no crits yet. :smiley:

He doesn’t look very much like Indiana Jones. Try to make him look like this:
If you look at the pic the cheeks is wider and the eyes ain’t that long.

Just rename the thread to ‘Sean Penn’ and you have it ! :slight_smile:

nico: Haha it does kinda look like Sean Penn. I miss that guy. Anyway, I’m working on the texture so I’ll have something to see, then I’ll go back and work on the model, then I’ll go back and work on the texture.

Robin: Yes, I know. I also have to make his cheeks more straight down. Well, I don’t know how to explain it, but you’ll see.

The part I think I need to work on the most is the eyes. That’s usually the first thing people look at anyway. Thanks everyone.

Here’s another update. It’s no spitting image, but at least it doesn’t look like Sean Penn anymorw(I hope). It’s definetely my best face to date, and I’m not even done yet. Well, here’s the update. I still didnt fix the cheeks yet.

Keep the comments and crits coming.

I modeled his fedora. I’m not particulary pleased with it, but it’s a fedora. Next time I will probably work on the mesh of the face itself.

[EDIT] I just noticed he’s kinda cross-eyed. I’ll fix that by tomorrow.

the whole eye area is too wide. Indy seems to always be squinty just so slightly. The eyeballs are also to large.

Thanks ObiDean. I worked on him a little bit (eyes, textures). Now I think I’m gonna call it a night.

The face is a bit too flat…Or too wide…I cant tell.

Looks like he fell and landed flat on his face and his front of his skull is flat now.

Are you trying to aim for a cartoon Indiana?

:smiley: It looks exactly alike. Great ressemblance. At least for the hat…

I won’t lie.
Your face is far from looking good (not to mention alike)

Even if you plan to do a cartoon version, you need to have key facial features to make it recognizable (caricature is a deformation of realism. But it still stick to realism).

I say :

  • take references. A lot. Photos. from multiple angle.

I don’t have wire from your object. But from what I see, it seems the topology is mostly right. Maybe lack of details and density…

So you just have to spend the next fex days tweaking vertices until it looks right !

Here is a fantastic tutorial of a guy who modelled the Grand Moff Tarkin. A must see for photorealism wannabie.

Hey, this ImageShack thing is REALLY starting to annoy me, every time i want to see a pic, it takes me to their… , i don’t know what it is but it is not the image, it’s some start up page, to post your own image… is there a link i’m missing or what… Please someone help cause most of the people around post their images on this host, and i can’t see them in most of the cases…
Does anyone else has this problem, or i’m a jackass
Here is the link that it takes me to:
For the record, i got the internet conection about a month ago, but i’ve used it before (the ineternet), so i’m definately not a noob to it…I’m using Firefox, is there a setting that can make it not to display images???..(but i don’t think this is the problem because i can see images on other sites…)

Either have it like this and show the pic in the original size or have a thumb nail to imageshack. I think the first is the best.

The images on the page are full size. They are linked back to the home page out of courtesy for the free service.

By the way I will be fixing the eyes and cheeks and everything later, but I’m at school now so I can’t.

By the way, that Grand Moff Tarkin model was incredible. Do you know what software he used to do that? Not that it matters; I’m sure just as good results can be achieved in Blender. Ok, now I’m going to get down to some serious work on the eyes.

Ok I’ve worked on the eyes a lot. It’s still doesn’t look like Ford, but it looks more like him. That’s what I’m going for. If it looks more like him every time, then eventually it will be pretty close. I havent worked much on the jaw. That still needs a lot of work. I realized I had the upper portion of the head up too high, so I lowered it. I do this this with my eyes: I set the render next to the reference image and move my eyes back and forth across it, and it tricks my brain into seeing different parts moving(like if the eyes were too big, it would look like the eyes were getting bigger and smaller). I’m sure everyone can do it, but I still think it’s cool. So anyway, I’m posting now because I’m gonna go take a break and play guitar for a little while.

[EDIT] I think the neck’s too wide too.

I made a lot of changes, but I think the one that made the biggest difference was the lowering of the eyebrows.

Either have it like this and show the pic in the original size or have a thumb nail to imageshack. I think the first is the best.

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Can every body (except me) see this images? Does anyone else had this problem?