Indie Artist seeks Blender Animators and Artists

Hi there, :slight_smile:

My name is arjun and I’m an indie artist from Noida, India. I’ve been into music for most of my life and have been playing professionally for the last 6 years.

I’ve always loved films and have wanted to create some of my own. Only recently have I started out into video editing and the like.

I completed an album last year called “The Prize” which was intended to be a rock opera. I want to create videos based on each of the songs of the album.

I was thinking of something more freeform than just a music video. Like maybe a very short story or dramatization where the music plays in between. Like an actual movie.

Each song has a different theme, from sword and sorcery style warrior tales (Shining Armour) to Vampires (Wampyr/Vampire Hunter) to martial arts (Thats the Way)

What I am hoping for is anyone who would be interested in creating environments, scenes, and animation that I could use in my videos. I use a lot of chroma-keying and I’m quite comfortable with compositing things.

I don’t have a budget in place but I’ll be happy to promote you and your work wherever the video goes.

Please have a look at my work here:

My Website is at:

Thanks a lot and all the best :slight_smile: