Indie Dev Team looking for a 3D Artist

Indie Dev Team looking for a 3D Artist.

The project:
A semi-realtime strategy game: central server-based, massively-multiplayer on mobile/web platforms. The theme is futuristic sci-fi with both planetary and space events/scenes.

The team:
We are a small indie team of software developers with programming, software architecture and project management experience, including a current Intel firmware team member.

Project status:
Game design and technical design are 90% complete and the project is in its early development phase, with programming and server setup/development in progress. We have general artistic concepts and we are now seeking a 3d artist to begin concept art and execution.

Position description/details:

  • Develop concept art for game objects/avatars and scenes and storyboards for animations, and implementation of the above including:
  • 3D mesh models, textures, animations, etc (ie. full scenes) for: several space scenes including ships and planets and several indoor/outdoor scenes with human avatars (simple static animations) and low-poly backgrounds. Scenes will have limited animation and be ~10 seconds long maximum.
  • Familiarity with optimization techniques suitable for mobile hardware important. (eg. alpha textures on cones/cylinders for volumetric lighting, static-prebaked shadows on textures in lieu of real-time shadows, low-poly backgrounds, etc)
  • Working with the Shiva3D game engine, importing assets and creating scenes. (with support from the team where/when necessary)
  • Miscellaneous artwork

Special Note:
There is no direct compensation for the position as is the case with the whole team, but all members of the team are considered partners and will receive a percentage of any future profit from the project - this is a project of passion for the team but we will be most certainly be launching it commercially and will endeavor towards its success financially.
We are also unable to provide access to any graphics software and it is expected that the artist has access to all required software to complete the work.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]