indie game challenge

Project Name:
Undetermined. I have a few projects that are possibilities. To list : 1) is a game about demon hunters 2)an orphan who is trained by a master martial artist 3) I’m open to other ideas that would fit into the timeline (2 months from now approximately)

I’m looking to put together a team of serious minded people to complete a project within a month and a half’s time. The reward? Possibly 100,000 dollars.

Skills Needed:
This project will be made on blender, that is 3-D, so modelling and the ability to make good backgrounds that look realistic are most desired.

I am project lead, I’ll be needing 2 graphics people. 1 artwork and design, 1 background and design, and two programmers.

I will be offering compensation through out the 6 weeks. CASH or memberships. Also IF we win the prize money will be split up equally 5 ways.(20,000 a piece)

Team Members (Optional):

Previous Work (Optional):
None at the moment. I have a few unfinished games(unfinished due to the fact that i found a job, and i didn’t have a graphics artist) However if you ask to view them I can send them to you. One is a basic Naruto battle system that I coded. The other is pretty much a fully functional rpg,action battle system that sports:4 weapon types, magic, dragon transformations, weaponskills,

Contact Information:
[email protected]
please put indie games in the subject title. References prefered, I will be posting this on other sites as well