Indie game in need of 3D modelers/animators

We are game design students at university that want to make a game to work with through the summer and beyond. We have worked in development teams throughout the year and have a pretty solid grasp on the development process. We have a clear picture of what the game is going to be like and how we are going to achieve it.

The game is a mix of FTL and mass effect narrative with tile/turn based combat. A space adventure with some rogue like elements. We have done most of the core design and combat elements involved with the game and now its a case of getting the prototype out so that we can iterate, reiterate and so on. We have a programmer and have begun doing some Game object diagrams and the such. That being said a game isn’t much these days if it doesn’t look decent, we can 3D model our hearts out but it will never be done as quick or good as someone who is dedicated to 3D, such as yourselves.

So you get a better idea I’ll use that template in the read me.

Type: Game
Genre: Sci-fi, Tragedy, Action, Strategy
Length: 2 Hours (Estimated game play time for the full game, will be longer playtime in reality because its a rogue like)
Assets Needed: 10 Unique ships for the player, varying from Large, Medium and small. 4 Unique character models. 13 Enemy ships with variations. Space backdrops for battles, planets asteroids Etc. Unique events that may include space stations or gas clouds. Projectiles ranging from missiles too lasers. (Subject to change)

So a lot of modelling and texture work. Animation would be very simple ship movement and some explosions or reactions from weapons. Character animation will be minimal but if you can bring more to the table in an interesting way be my guest; this goes for the general animation too. As an aside if you can draw character portraits that would be a big plus also.

This is for developers who want to get into the industry by building their portfolio, as a result we do not offer money.

This is not a spur of the moment decision, we want to make games and we know that its difficult and are willing to go through all the testing designing and planning that is necessary. We aren’t here to mull over potential ideas for the rest of summer, we want to actually make this thing and put it out there. If the results are good enough, we may expand the game on to things like greenlight and kickstarter. But for now that is a pipe dream until we have something and can call it a “game”.

Who knows you may even get some money out of it in the end

If your interested and have any questions please email at [email protected]

Depending on if I have the time, I’d be interested in doing some scifi modelling.

Do you have any artwork to show the modelers what you’re looking for? It’ll help with consistancy.

for free, not interesting!!! (for paid very interesting!)
3D jobs, it not so easy as you think!