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Maybe it would be spamming equals banning(nice rhime)talking about my fake remake speculations of Philips BD-i(Bly Ray Disc-i or DVD-i),Electronic Arts 4DO,Colleco Vission 2…etc. video game consoles(making single thread about that).I think Atari Jaguar wasn’t a good company for video games,but i’m considering it’s mother board/mother ship for indie games noways than Sega Dreamcast.In XXI centure I reckon Sega Dreamcast 2 and Atari Raptor might be enough.I found out interesting material about this.I wonder what caused that Nintendo abondoned Nintendo Power magazine in 2012?

Actually there is an Atari related console in the works. It’s not made by Atari, but the team working on it is using old Atari Jaguar manufacturing equipment to manufacture the cartridges and console shell. The project aims to be a new retro gaming console using solid state memory game cartridges. The games will be all new, but with old school gameplay and graphics. Supposedly going to be a crowd funded system.

So Atari Jaguar 1.5 remix(like Kingdom Hearts) is working TBA.Valve Alienware is completely something different.Maybe revival of Atari Jaguar 2(it was canceled in 1997).It’s good news.:slight_smile:

Well the Retro VGS doesn’t really have anything to do with the Atari Jaguar except that the console and cartridges will look just like the Jaguar and its cartridges. As for what you linked to originally I wouldn’t know, the posters on the thread you linked seem to be under the impression that it’s a hoax, not the Retro VGS, but whatever new Atari console they’re discussing. I didn’t watch the video myself.

Retro VGS is it rip-off of Atari Jaguar?

No, it’s a completely different game console, they’re just using some old Jaguar manufacturing equipment to make the casing that contains the electronics so physically to console looks like the Jaguar, but inside everything is different. Apparently they bought the old manufacturing equipment from a dental company that had purchased it from Atari when they went under.

Is it something like this?

I really don’t know much about the project, I caught the article I linked a while back so if you’ve read that then you know as much about the project as I do.

Okay dude I see