Indie Gaming - Forgotten Memories I

Hi all, my name is chris and I am working on a FMV VIdeo game called “Forgotten Memories I” and I need some people to help doing 3D graphics and animations for the game, I am pretty new to the world of blender… I will be combining the 3D Graphics with Chroma key and real people… I wouldnt be able to pay people… This is gonna be an “Indie Project” and you will be listed in the credits under “Animation and Graphics” or you can ask to be anonymous! I hope we can get some people to help… :slight_smile:

I suppose you have posted this on several forums, right? well, here no1s gonna join you if you can’t give em specific information such as who are you and what is your game about?
I myself would find it great if you could show us some of your previous work (whatever you are, programmer?).


No! I have only posted it here because It is a work in progress… I dont like multi-posting… and I have only posted it in this forum… I am not a programmer I am the developer, the game will be designed in XNA if it can cope with it, if not then it will be done for PC… I have not used blender before… only to make crappy squares… thats why I am asking someone else to work together with some people and me to get it done, I have to work on a lot and I am not good with blender, like I need to rent a greescreen set and get a Video camera and shoot the material to go with it, if you need an example of how that will work… look up “7th Guest Making of”

I thought I would give some more Information about the game, as much as I can give… The Game is a combination of games like The 7th Guest and Phantasmagoria… The game is to be filmed on a green chromakey set with green boxes/crates for furniture so people can walk behind it or sit on it…

The Game is set in a mansion that is from the early 20th century and is old looking and has 4 floors and an attic… I haven’t worked on a floor plan yet… The front of the house has a garden and a driveway towards the house, it also has a lockable gate and wall, blocking the public… The back garden is the same but has a pool and a shed… The house has secret rooms and passages that can be explored… Finding many hidden rooms in the mansion’s structure…

If anyone would like to help (unpaid… as it is Indie Gaming… but you will get your name on the credits…) or if you have any more questions, just ask them here… :smiley: