Indie group looking for 3D artist(s).

Hi Blender artists,

We’re a team creating our first game, as of now we lack a 3D artist or two since ours decided he didn’t have time for the project. So I’m left alone working in 3D, while also being the main game programmer. It’s quite time consuming so hopefully I can find someone to help us out!

For now, it will be unpaid. We are however very ambitious and working together for a common goal and dream, to work within the gaming industry.

Our team as of now is me and 3 of my very close friends who’ve all dreamed about not just playing, but creating, video games. With the life experience we have now from other projects, we feel that it’s time to go for the real dream.

We will need everything from character modelling, environment, buildings, weapons, armor and interior. I also prefer to find one or two with more time, than a few with less. Easier to keep up with and personal connection is important in our team, especially if there is a chance we will work together for a longer time.

If you feel interested send me a PM and I’ll give you more information about our project and future plans.
You can also contact me on [email protected].