Indie Horror Game, Need Modelers and Riggers

Myself and some friends are creating a unique indie horror game, However we can’t do it on own own. We need people who can turn our artwork concepts into 3D models. We can do some ourselves but not all of it. Anyone that helps will get put into the credits of the game and depending on how much they help will get other rewards. If anyone is interested in helping out I will send you the details of what needs doing. The concept of the game is a co-op horror experience where you work yourself up a large stairwell with doors all the way up, inside each door will be a unique environment with various enemies, puzzles and loot. the aim is to progress up the stairs battling through increasingly hard rooms. We have other cool ideas but form me to post it all on here it would take forever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

If we earn any money through this progress it would go to anyone that helped and not to us.

I hope we can turn this idea into a cool game,


Can anyone see these artwork concepts?

Seconded. I’d like to see concepts. Although, I am interested, if only for the sake of practice. What kind of character(s) do you need? Character modelling is my chosen area. Additionally, how are you planning it, that would be interesting to see. I’m on a games development course, and right now we’re doing a game too.

Hi, I’m still learning blender but I might be able to help you with some work. If you can gime me some extra details of what you need help with, I’ll be happy to help, just contact me.

I have just learned Blender, but I could help you something, send me what you need help with.

As above, I’m also just getting a handle on Blender, but I just may be of some use. Watcha need?

Riggin and animation are what I’m good at. I can help if you need it.

OK, We have just started making the models and should have about 4 of the main enemy characters done in the next 2 months. So if you are interested when they are done I will let you know.


We are just doing the first 4 enemy character models and they should be done in the next 2 or so months. I will post them on here when they are done so you all can have a look and see what you would like to help with. Apart from that we need some people to make basic environmental objects like crates, barrels, anything that you would get in abandoned indoors type settings. No trees or anything outdoor. If you need more detail email me at [email protected]. Also we need models or weapons like guns, bats, that kind of thing. And if you can help just let me know your name and we will put you in the credits of the game and acknowledge you in any promotional posts for the game.


I can help model the basic stuff for the environment

thank you everyone with the support, I will be sending out a list of all the basic scenery and weapons that need modeling to everyone that was interested some time in the next few days. Also when some of the character models get done I will upload them and if anyone wants to have a go at making some of the characters they can. Also if anyone has any experience programming with unity then please let me know.

Again thank you all.