Indie looking to create pipeline for blender models

I’m writing a 3D game and looking for somebody to help me create basic models and get them exported correctly. Currently I generate primitives in the game and use external textures.

I want to run a test with a single model now. Ideally what has to end up in the game is:

  • the mesh (single mesh models are fine for now)
  • the texture map (+specular, +glow)
  • Normal map
  • UV/tangent space

A prototype of the game can be found here:
(This works only in Chrome for the moment, the target is actually tablets and maybe phones).

I’d like to get a test model to replace on the spheres in the game. The model should be some kind of science fiction segmented metal ball. It must be fairly low poly count, though I’d prefer it to be reduced somehow in blender and have a normal map produced. There should be glowing segments somewhere. The actual glowmap can be done externally as long as it is easy to recognize from the texture map.

My budget for this phase is quite limited as I’m an indie and this is mainly a test phase. You have to tell me how much such assistance would cost for this one model, getting it to export, etc. Obviously once working I’d have more work for other models to be used in the game (though still, the overall project is limited in scope).

If interested, please contact me.
Skype: eda-qa
Email: [email protected]

A screenshot from the game:

(Note: 2D artwork is also being done now.)