Indigo 0.9 Stable Release

Get it here…

Links to that forum do not work at all, but nice to see a new release again :slight_smile:

*must choose… Indigo… Lux… Indigo… Lux…

Links to that forum do not work at all,

Not if you are signed in, but if you either click it twice, or are signed out they are fine.

Still no OSX support? Ah well… off to try Lux then.

my favorite renderer :smiley:

i personally think they should make better export scripts for blender, cozue blendingo isnt to great in my opinion…

Whatchoo talkin bout, foo? Blendigo is awesome!:ba:

I’m not a fan of blendigo, but the other exporter is fine. I never could get blendigo to work properly, and when it worked at all it paused on huge meshes.

If I mod the other exporter to not export materials, just the names & a basic ‘clay’ mat, then it would be perfect for me.

blendingo has this tendansy to define materials with its own values… and im not used to that as i had been using indigo with the “official” exporters for a while before they got discontinued