Indigo 3.2 Release and Sale

Glare Technologies is proud to announce the release of Indigo Renderer 3.2, the world’s most photorealistic rendering system.

To celebrate the release of Indigo 3.2, we’re running a 33% off sale until the 20th of May!

Indigo 3.2 introduces new features such as the groundbreaking new sun & sky system, direct integration into Cinema 4D, and major performance improvements. All these features, together with new documentation and tutorials, make this the most powerful and easiest-to-use Indigo yet.

For the duration of the sale, Indigo Renderer will be available for €399 (normally €595), Indigo RT for €99 (normally €145) and Indigo 2.x to Indigo 3.x upgrades for €149 (normally €195).

Visit the 3.2 announcement page to find out more.
Indigo is developed by Glare Technologies Ltd., a company specialising in high-end 3D visualisation software. Using unbiased, physically-based rendering techniques, Indigo generates images of unparalleled realism and accuracy. Well-known for being both user friendly and extremely powerful, Indigo has become the tool of choice for professionals demanding the highest quality visualisations possible, without having to deal with complicated renderer settings.
Interior © Sarah Dorweiler
Image by Oscar
Rendered with Indigo’s atmospheric scattering simulation. Data courtesy of NASA.

How well is it integrated into blender at this point?

These guys get up my nose. They have been told several times before advertising isn’t appreciated on the forums and yet they persist with it.
Lets face it Indigo is pretty much history these days. I know they haven’t been on my radar in a long time. I doubt many Blender users will part with 400 euro when they can pretty much achieve the same results for free or a quarter of the price. Also a lot of people don’t remember the company kindly for their conduct in going commercial after suckering the gathered community of enthusiasts.

Sorry but I must correct you here. Advertising for non-Blender products is discouraged; however for something like Indigo, which has a full Blender exporter and such advertising is fully supported.

Products like Indigo do nothing but help push Blender’s support and ability further along and help it fit into more production pipelines.

As one of the admins and owners of this site I can say for sure that this kind of promotion is encouraged :slight_smile:

I used to follow Indigo like a hawk, but now with Cycles surging and tight node integration, there’s no longer any need to get Indigo even if it goes to back to free.

Yes there is, Indigo, currently, is a lot further developed.

Nice galleries, C4D integration looks very nice!

Well no. I don’t want this stuff here. Do you own Indigo yourself or something? Glare are here to promote themselves not to promote Blender.
Why stop there though? Why not invite every other cg business to spam the pages every time sales fade.
Perhaps you aren’t familiar with the history of Indigo and Blender.
Most likely it predates your involvement.
I assure you Blenderheads don’t owe Indigo folks anything, certainly not special advertising space because they happen to have a Blender exporter.
Honestly I almost find it obnoxious and insulting to have this placed here.
Its not in the category of a community member posting news for the rest of the community.

As someone who uses Blender professionally and commercially, I am hugely interested in any products that will support me using Blender in my every-day workflow.

The reality is that Blender is needing to compete with commercial applications, so when an external renderer helps Blender do that, it is fantastic.

Good work Indigo, P.s. i’d love to see the renderer as integrated with Blender as the screenshot shown there.

@Big Fan, the thread title clearly states “Indigo 3.2 Release and Sale”, it is very easy for you to just ignore this thread if you don’t want to view it.

I don’t know and I don’t care about the history between Blenderheads (or rather, between you) and Indigo, all I care about is that they are selling a very good product and that it is compatible with Blender.

I for one like the Blender-related advertising here, I wouldn’t mind if other companies doing the same as long as it is Blender-related.

This is interesting to me and so I want it here, if you don’t like it you are free to skip these threads and look at stuff that interests you.

Well quite obviously we have turned a corner in Blender history and gone for naked commercialism now in the forum. This certainly isn’t the Blender community of a few years ago. No wonder old hands are dropping out of involvement.
There are indeed a whole group of people here who do only care about number one and immediate gratification. We saw that recently in people being rudely demanding of someone to release their plugin as GPL.
There is actually no reason why Glare can’t buy advertising space around these pages and show their support that way or carry Blender advertising on their site in return. I’m not sure perhaps Jonathon is sponsored to do Indigo tutorials and that overlaps to tolerating placed articles here?
I full well expect to see the same in-thread advertising space allowed then for Octane with each beta release or what ever other company happens to claim to have some Blender connection.
Recently I co-wrote a vba macro for Solidworks to export .obj for rendering that also had the option to launch Blender. Should Dassault Systemes now plaster posts for their wares here too on the basis of that?
I really don’t like this precedent at all and I will say so if I please.
And by the way I was a person who contributed to the Blender/Indigo script so while some of you don’t give a shit about how or where the tools you have to use came from, some of us certainly are aware of the effort that goes into these things and that are obviously taken for granted by too many people.

Please stop this discussion, not only is it presumptuous, but pretty silly as well.

@Thread Title:

Nice! While I probably won’t use indigo as a student, I hope you guys do well.

“We saw that recently in people being rudely demanding of someone to release their plugin as GPL.”

Yea, how rude to have someone live up to their own word,
and how also he stated nobody should work off his code, or on a similar project until it was released,
IF the code wasn’t released it would have slowed down and been detrimental to future development,
and if he would have reneged on his commitment it would have impacted funding for future projects,
who wants to support a project if they think that it might be a scam?
(I Consider a scam, as being sold one thing and getting something different,
false advertising and bait & switch aren’t cool)

part of the “sales pitch”

And lastly, as a side note:
I would like to kindly ask other developers not to reproduce the original ideas in Bsurfaces until the code is released. Please keep in mind that it will be GPL for everyone in a short period, and this project is possible thanks to the sales period. So if we can all make this an everybody wins situation, would really appreciate it, and will be good for everybody.

Well… that’s all… and for those who get it: enjoy!.. and for those who can’t right now, you will get it soon!

I even advertised for him on the assumption that the sales period was for a set period of time.

Well obviously another thread would be the best place to carry on a discussion about community attitude to contributors.
There does seem to be an ignorance factor here lately that I find objectionable. If it persists I don’t think so many people will be willing to share with the community as they have and that includes projects where people ask to recover some cost of their time in payment, having to eat and pay their rent as they do. Who wants to be called a scam artist or otherwise insulted for kindly making something available to the community?
Something slightly antisocial is evolving here that is rather alien to the way the Blender community has operated in the past. I don’t think this direction is for the better.
I’ve made my views on this creeping advertising in the forums plain.

maybe i shouldn’t have done “creeping advertising” for bsurfaces at the
meshmixer website since it had nothing to do with his product.

Its getting off well off topic but AFAIK its to be released on the 30th as he promised in keeping with the 9 months he originally nominated.

you’re the one that called me rude and brought me into this conversation.

i think Indigo is pretty nice, just wish the blender integration was a little better with materials and things
(its ok… how it links to the webpage and you can download materials, but still need more work,
especially for the price they are charging, for C4D it look pretty good though still a little high in price for me personally)

But anything is expensive for someone that has no income.

Well I for one am totally behind Big Fan on this one!

If Indigo wants to advertise, pay for the advertising space on the site…and don’t do something as ridiculous as including your awesome screenshot of C4D integration as part of your sales pitch!

You want to show a demo of how well it integrates with Blender, awesome! At least have the decency to aim this directly at Blender community. Gotta love the new user “indigo render” (4 posts?) we’ve just given an identity to a company, I thought this was a user forum.

As for comments about the BSurfaces developer… well I think this will be a sign for others in the future not to even give things this powerful away, or even hint at it. Is that what everyone wants? I think he was very smart to do what he did, put it out there for those who can’t wait and can afford it and then kindly release it to everyone in the community after that period (or not it’s his choice). No one started bashing the developer of Micro Render for asking for money right away, even when he admitted he wasn’t even sure how far development would go.

Everyone needs to realize we’ve got a good thing going here and in order to keep it that way you need to keep business out of the equation.

Blender is not mentioned once in the post by Indigo.
They do mention Cinema 4D and provide a lovely screenshot of Cinema 4D.

Here’s a screenshot of Notepad++.
I used it to compose this message, so it’s pretty relevant to Blender…

To be honest (not including the flamewar that was totally surprising considering a thread about a render engine with a Blender exporter and used by many Blender users). I was watching Indigo rather closely for a while, then Cycles came out and introduced node-based materials and high quality pathtraced GI just for Blender. Still, if push comes to shove, it’s in a good price range whenever they have the deals and it is arguably one of the most powerful pathtracing engine in terms of performance and features (right up there with Maxwell and perhaps above Fryrender)

If there’s anything in Indigo that Brecht and other prospective devs. can take a page from, it’s the ISL functionality, I love the idea of how you can write your own shaders for near-unlimited power in the shading and texturing of an object. So I hope that we will see something like that when the OSL script node is implemented (which I would hope that Brecht would choose a Python or C-based syntax more than the CSS style scripting Indigo uses.)

I remember trying to play with Indigo a while back (must have been 2008).
It was soooo nice back then. Than Lux came, and Cycles came, and i lost track.

Nice to see the renderer thrives and gets acknowledged!

Yet I find this post a bit … clumsy.
I’d have been happy for an Indigo dev or sales person to come and tell us about Indigo 3.2 if it had been done with “real words” and Blender users in mind. The way J_the_Ninja came and exposed Lux 1.0 RC1

But this is just a copy/paste commercial post, not even mentionning the possibility to export from Blender.
They could have started with “Hello Blender users”, talked about what relates Blender to Indigo (history, exporter, etc…), just to soften the angles…

Nevertheless a great news. Too expensive for me at the mment though… Is it GPU acelerated ?