Indigo-Export Script

Hi guys.
I posted in the ‘Other Software’ section but didn’t get a responce. :frowning: Probably cause its a newbie question, but, i would like to know how to export a model into Indigo. Im using 2.44 Blender and Indigo version 0.8 Stable. Do i need to download a script first? If i do, does any1 have a link? Or a link on how to use Indigo.
Thnx guys, help appreciated.

Not here, It’s at the Indigo site. You’ll see a list of stable releases of Indigo listed on the Indigo Home page. You’ll find the Indigo exporters in the forums section of the site. You really should be using Indigo 0.9.

Most Blender users are using the “Blendigo” export script.

Thnx for your post. Very helpful.