indigo exporters

well version 0.8 of indigo is out and i cant find any official blender exporters for it… it seams that the exporters have stooped at the 0.6 test 6 version…

i have tried blendingo but it doesn’t really work… any suggestions on where to find an exporter for the 0.8 stable?

nvm i found the exporter on the wiki page… they could at least put it on the download section…

Check out this
I have not tried it yet, but it may work.

that thread is a month old dude…

Sorry, maybe this will do better. I’m in the process of testing so I can’t be sure it works well.

I know I am posting twice in a row, but I feel bad for giving you a link to an old thread before. The exporter here I know for sure works because I have used it. Hopefully it will work for you as well.

Yeah, Blendigo v0.8 exporter works best out of those and it has also the best workflow. Still can’t save yourself from manually editing those .igs XML files if you want all out of the indigo materials.

Indigo is getting really addictive, for me at least :slight_smile: