Indigo lighting test, cool!

I’ve found out that mesh emitters are really good, you can do all sorts of stuff with them!
Here are a couple renders, just messing around.
BIgger versions here.

Ok thats the last straw! I must learn to use indigo now haha. I have been putting it off for so long, but that looks pretty good.

Yes, yes do it!! it’s really worth it!

im gonna try using it too, but it says i need the Half.dll :confused:

Edit: woot! i got it

i herd Indigo takes a long time to render…a really long time
but the images come out great

indigo takes as long as you want to render, you stop it when you think it’s clear enough, though generally, at least 2-4 hours is necessary to get an idea of what it’s going to look like. As Photoguy says in the next post, if you want it really clear, you need to let it go for a long time…

No way at least 24 hours, well only if you wan it really clear.

I hope it didn’t take 24 hours to render those. You can do that in minutes with yafray.

Not as good though, or at least it’s hard to make it that good with yafray.
I just start it and forget it, more time for modelling!

2 to 4 hours? can i borrow your computer, forever?
yeah, it takes forever, but… i’m sorry you could not do that with yafray. you can do something similar. and if you worked on it for a very long time, you could come up with something good, but only an MLT raytracer like indigo is gonna give those spanking photo realistic results.

Wow thats pretty cool. Blend file? =) pweeeeese

@Vampyre and Photoguy - I think I’ll edit my post to reflect more what I meant. I meant more along the lines of that it takes 2-4 hours to get it clear enough to see what it’s going to look like, also, stuff I render in indigo generally isn’t too big pixel-wise. (I realize that my post didn’t indicate this at all, but I had to leave so I rushed it :()

Ok, here is the .Blend file, i’ve included the ground texture, but that’s the only one.