Indigo Material DB preview scene

For our upcoming indigo material database,
i’ve created a preview scene to view materials. (like maxwell)

Crits welcome :wink:


Wow! that’s really good!

I saw this one already on your tutorial and it looked pretty professional.
Good work!

theres a tutorial on this?? where might i find that

really nice work radiance.

I love these balls in your tutorial, it indeed is very professional looking, so simple yet so effective. I can only agree on what the others said, you did a great job!

Hi radiance , your model looks very cool :cool: nice job you have don there …
The only critics i could give is that it looks more like a logo … because for material preview there are some things missing like self reflection and walls with thickness for sss and absorption and clip map alfa map viewing and it would be good for fog …etc ,it needs a indicator to see how transparent the material is . Maybe indigo dont need all this stuff because it dont support them now but when indigo get more features like sss, clip map , fog, normal map …etc ,you will have to adapt the model …
And last , i would reduce the indigo logo a bit , to have more space for the material ( it is a material preview scene or a indigo advertisement logo ?)

Greetings Patrick

How do you use materials in indigo. Do you have to include the texture in the same directory and the indigo program, the testscenes where all the xml’s are or perhaps in the nkdata folder?


iamthwee -> read the blender tutorial at the link posted above.

No joy. I read your tutorial before. I managed to recreate the glass monkey successfully. I’m stuck on texture.

I ain’t uv mapping it does that make any difference. I know the texture is added because it shows when I render it in blender? Again do I need to add the texture file to any of the directories in the indigo folder or will indigo just recognise the path?


all textures need to go in your indigo dir.
indigo will complain upon init if it can’t find them.

please post on our indigo forums regarding questions,
you’ll get much more and much faster answers there :wink:
as i’m currently very busy :wink: