Indigo or Luxrender ?

Well I was wondering which one is better as a renderer and more reliable as a project…
Which one do you prefer and why?
Which one do you suggest me to stick with ??

btw is it just me or the indigo renderer site is down???

Yeah, Indigo is down for some reason.

I’ve used indigo for a long time, but I’ve only started with lux. But luxrender seems to be a little faster.

luxrender is faster and “better” for animation. the settings are more user friendly and there are some nice presets available too for fast setups. IDK what’s happened to indigo…all the more reason to use Lux!

of course, there’s nothing to stop you using both programmes.

Does indigo gives better results ? it seems so to me , i think indigo looks a bit better , maybe this will change with time as it gets even better but i feel like indigo looks better , what do you think ?

Interesting you say Lux renders faster.

I think Radiance in one post said Indigo is simply more advanced
because of the time Ono put into coding it - but he also said Lux
is catching up fast.

Till today I see better work coming from Indigo but that might simply
be the saturation Indigo has among users.

However I favor LuxRender more simply because it is well better integrated
with Blender and for example supports all procedurals from Blender.

Indigo has to my understanding currently a better more complex array of
light types with Black Body and physical measured lights which makes it
more powerful for those how need those tools - like interior renderings.

I am just pretty sure at one point Lux reaches a very usable state in terms
of speed and visual output.

Radiance promoted Indigo for the moment simply because of its mature state.
However Indigo is not free and Lux is - another reason to watch out for what
Radiance and his coders are creating.


However Indigo is not free and Lux is

Actually indigo is free, perhaps you meant open source?

It’s free as in ‘free beer’ but not as in ‘free speech’. There is no guarantee that indigo will stay cost free.

Luxrender is GPL.

I prefer luxrender . Having the source code gives me the possibility to use optimizing compilers ( like intels icc) to get the highest performance possible for my system.

He he, this is why I use the words libre and gratis to avoid confusion such as this. :smiley:

Personally, I use Luxrender more because of its better integration with Blender (procedurals and everything!); I can’t even run blendigo and the official exporters are way out of date. I also like the fact that you can change the number of threads on-the-fly, and it seems that Luxrender is a bit more user friendly in general. Plus, it’s awesome that it’s libre.

Until now I’ve used Indigo without even looking at Luxrender. But that changes at the moment. Luxrender offers some really nice features which Indigo lacks totally, like procedurals or Presets (although I’m not a huge fan of using too many presets). It is a tad more userfriendly as well and the option to resume a render is great (as is the possibillity to simply change the amount of cores used during rendertime).
Although, I need to work more with it to see if the results are just as good as with Indigo, which has not disappointed me yet.

So I honestly can’t say, but after reading through the forums a bit (okay, a lot) - Indigo does seem more mature though I also think that will probably change, since it is developed by a single (but very dedicated) person (Ono).
Therefore it’s probably “Indigo for now”.

Yes I meant it is not open-source. And isnt it free to use for non-commercial work as well only?

I’d assume it’s allowed to use Indigo commercially, lots of people at the Indigo forums did that.

It’s not allowed to use Indigo in a commercial program though, you’ll have to buy a license for that, afaik.

Lux render has a better potential to become a better renderer as it’s open source but for the time being I would like to use Indigo as the quality/speed ratio seems to be better with Indigo (at least to me).

It’s just a few days I started having fun with Blender and Indigo and now it’s gone! :frowning:

I hope Indigo will be back soon…Does it happen often ?
Who knows it might become openö source or commercial product when it’s back!
Let’s think positive! =)

I don’t think he’s just going to kill a product he’s been working on all those years :wink:

It does sound a bit weird that you’re not allowed to use Indigo in a commercial program. Wouldn’t it be possible to bypass it by doing the model in Maya or something and then export it to blender, render it with Indigo using blender, without using Indigo in a commercial program. :eek:

don’t know indigo only had a single developer. that tips things more in Luxrenders favour in my opinion even though indigo is currently more advanced than Lux. as the say many hands make light work

Sorry, I meant you’re not allowed to use Indigo with a (commercial) program you’ve coded yourself.

So you can render images with it (using Blender or Maya or any other package you’ve made a free exporter for) and sell those for money, but you cannot take the product (Indigo) itself and include it with an exporter or program you’ve developerd and sell the two packages together.

At least, that’s what I understood, feel free to correct.

IMO being open or closed source has got a relative impact in the viability of small software projects, being the main factor the contributors’ personality and skills. Also heterogeneous groups survive better than homogeneous ones.

I prefer LuxRender: is really promising. Has a lot of features biased or unbiased, the beta version works very well…

But Alvaro has a good point. :wink: