Indigo problem: opening the XML?

I wanna try working with indigo so I did the blender-tutorial on the Indigo-site ( All was going well untill I had to open the xml (with the cmd). As I run it, windows opens internet explorer (instead of indigo) and showes me the whole ‘code’. :confused:

Did I missed something or do you know how to fix it?

btw: I’ve opened the indigo.exe file and it runs correctly. (it starts rendering the image with the four glass spheres)


Nothing went wrong, that’s the default behavior in Windows. File associations for XML files resolve to the internet exploder. If you want to change that (and I’m not recommending it either), right-click the file in explorer, choose “Open With/Choose Program”, choose indigo.exe (you may have to click the “Browse” button to find it) and mark “Always use the selected program etc.”

XML ist just an Extensible Markup Language, and actually it was not really intended for massive render data, more like a simple format for exchanging SGML compatible documents over the Web, hence your Browser is not really a random choice, despite the fact that XML is used for just about anything these days…

To edit XML (and a bunch of other text stuff), recommend notepad++

Thnx for the reply’s guys but it’s still not working for me (or I make a terrible mistake :o).

I want to render an image with Indigo so I make a scene in Blender and export it (with the Indigo exporter) to an xml-file. Then I try to open the xml-file (with indigo.exe) and a pop-up shows up:

Fatal Error
IniFileExcep: could not open file ‘localinifile.txt’

I searched for that file and it exists so I don’t get what the problem is.


Hmmm, don’t know what’s going on there.
There should be a file called localinifile.txt in your installation folder of Indigo (e.g. D:\Program Files\indigo\localinifile.txt). Make sure it’s definitely in that location - if it’s there anyway, I’d recommend redownloading Indigo, making sure to follow the instructions online.

gallardo, also you might want to do a search over at the indigo forums, and if you don’t find your answer (I seem to recall having seen something along these lines a while ago…) then just register there and ask. You’re sure to get the info you need from the helpful users of that site.