Indigo problem, please help

When I try to render something with Indigo, it will do normally, but the image is completely white! Even in render folder the image is white, size is what it should be. This happens with any Blender scene, I don’t change any settings before I press export.
The test files that come with Indigo will render normally… :eek:

Check your tone mapping and environment settings.

Wanna be a bit more detailed? What in there? Could you forget your post count and really try to help?
Anyways, I tried to change them, didn’t help at all. Maybe you wanna tell what you change if you want to render. (In case you even have Indigo)

I forget what causes this exactly and I was taking a stab at what I remembered. Try checking the Indigo forums, you should be able to find the solution there. It has come up before.

Try changing the environment to physical sky and use a sun light. Blender materials don’t always work as expected in indigo.

Have a read of the indigo manual. Search the forums at the indigo website. Your question is very vague. In short, R.T.F.M.