Indigo Renderer 3.0 Preview

With the new API being developed with Cycles, it will be possible to control parameters in real-time from Blender :slight_smile:

I think that’s what Cycles has already started doing…

not to mention it will be both properties, and also node based. All external renderers will have a great Render API to connect to. nice showreel 2010 btw.

not to mention Indigo 2.0 is already 600 Euro and I doubt that development for 3.0 was cheap :wink:
If one could only buy all the renderers out there… or need them, or use them all at once.
And by now it´s not even easy anymore based on your requirements to choose a renderer… :wink:

Indigo seems really cool, but I can’t afford it. I’m glad that Cycles does (or will do) almost the same thing for free =)

I really like the “click to choose focal point” tool they have. It would be nice to have in Blender, and I assume very easy to code.

I bet a script could be made for this very quickly! If only I knew python…

class bntser(PyCoder):


You know other languages or you don’t know programming at all ?

Sorry for the late reply! Actually, I know a little Java, C, C++, and C#. I don’t know much python yet, and it confuses me. But then again, I used to hate Java and now it is my favorite programming language, so I may end up liking Python after all :slight_smile: