Indigo Renderer 4 released.

Just seen this news today and maybe can be useful as have a Blender exporter:

Just for reference, Indigo is among the initial pantheon of products that first brought path tracing technology to consumers (along with Luxrender, Fryrender, and Maxwell). It became a very tempting product for Blender users because all we had back then was the old and outdated BI engine.

It looks to me like development has not slowed down and the company is still getting solid business (despite the increasing competition). The SSS and Filmic tonemapping should also allow to excel in more areas than its traditional strong points of arch-vis and product shots (creature renders for instance have been rare from what I’ve seen on their forums).

also fast, spectral & runs on CPUs + all units supporting OCL 1.2, which means party for all - no modern GPUs left out :slight_smile:
… and that’s just the start :wink:

invited to check & post the Indigo Bench (results here)

The video trailer is pretty awesome. looks like one hell of a rendering engine.