Indigo Renderer Competition.

The folks over at Indigo are holding a competition to create an amazing scene. The catch? the scene must be smaller than 1200kb.

The prizes?

Well, first place takes home an Indigo 2.0 License (Worth €295.00), and an Indigo T-shirt. Also, the top 3 scenes will be included with every download of Indigo as ‘Test Scenes’ - To show what Indigo is capable of (Hence the 1200kb limit).

Read up on the competition Here.

Entries are due September 30th!

To get more acquainted with Indigo, here’s the documentation page, and to download your free version on Indigo and the Blender Exporter, Blendigo, take a look at the download page.

Sorry about the advertising, but I thought I’d get the word out =)

Interesting, but I would rather make a scene for LuxRender without any prize than work for the indigo devs. Still good that they still support Blender, but afaik they no longer support Linux, right?

There are linux builds for the 2.0 stable version

I havent seen any for 2.2.1 but I dont know if its because he hasnt gotten to it or because they dropped it.

Anyhow, 2.0 stable should do just fine :slight_smile: