Indigo renderer

just wondering if anyone knows what’s going on with indigo. The website’s been down for almost two weeks?

well its actually more like 19 days at the moment. :confused:

apparently the site was hacked ,however given the down time it would seem there must be more wrong than a few defaced pages to clean up.

as usual Ono could be more communicative with his community else they give up and go somewhere else. :frowning:

:slight_smile: I’m not complaining. It’s a great renderer, free or not, and as far as we know, he’s on his own programming it.

…for a second I thought maybe the whole NZ thing was a cover, and he was really just a disgruntled employee at some graphics company taking corporate product and giving it away to stick it to the man…hence the sudden disappearance of the website. Perhaps he is in a holding cell in Guantanamo waiting shipment to syria? :eek::no: More likely it was saboteurs hired by NextLimit :smiley:

anyway, I hadn’t checked the site in a while.

The current version I have is indigo x64 1.1.9. I had 1.1.7 working with blendigo.

I was going to check for an update to Blendigo from either you or Smartden.

oops, double post.