Indigo Rendering

Okay…I have installed Indigo and the scripts…but when I go to export>Indigo and choose export in the scripts window…nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

I figured out that I have to use the command prompt and or the ini file within Indigo. I kept on getting errors about white balance within the camera section and realized the exporting was leaving out the white balance section. Does anyone know how to fix this…I have to manually insert it into each one to make it work right.

Hi there…

What version of indigo and what version of the exporter are you using…? It’s seems like it might be to different versions…

These two work together:
Indigo 0.6 test 6:
Blender exporter for Indigo 0.6 test 6:

These are the latest versions. The official 0.6 version is coming soonish.

Be sure to put the white balance on E. I’ve never had any problems with it. Try the Indigo forum

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