Indigo Rendering


I’ve started to experiment with Indigo rendering, and I have a quick question I can’t find anywhere on the internet. Even Indigo’s FAQ won’t answer that question.

Does Indigo support Global Illumination?

You don’t need it, it’s somehow in there all the time :wink:

Indigo is simulating a normal sky, the result is something like Global Illumination, automatically reacting on the position of the sun etc.

Exception: If you don’t use the sky-simulation, but only mesh-emitters, it’s not there…

is indigo as complicated to install into blender as yafray? hence the reason i don’t have yafray!!

Damn, double post… :confused:

Thanks for the answer, I can see that Indigo can’t be used for every scene then.

Installing Yafray in Ubuntu is dead easy. Use Synaptic for that. :slight_smile: