Indigo renreder: problems with undesired colors

As the title of this thread anticipates, i got this strange phenomenon in a pair of renders with Indigo: they were all invaded by a given tone or coloration, one in yellow, the other one in purple.
Of course, these colors were not part of my plans…i dont kno why are they there , EVERYWHERE!

Never happened before in previous renders.

For what i recall, the only two new elements i used in this works were the asignation of several material indexes to a mesh, and the fact that, not having been able to make Blendigo work in Ubuntu via wine, i modeled and aplied materials in Ubuntu and exported the .blends to Windows, and ran the renderization via Indigo in that environment.

Versions: Blender 2.48a under Ubuntu
Indigo 1.0.9_3 in Windows
Blendigo…uh, not sure, tś an old one! - but before this problem it worked fine - Windows
And i have installed Python 2.5 and 2.5 Windows Too

Any ideas?.


I don’t use blendigo, but it looks like your environmental lighting has inherited a color.

Hey grotesque,

Could you post the .blend files or .igs files here? You’ve got something funky going on.

Also - there’s a new linux build of blendigo available at: