Indigo: So far I am impressed

I’ll Keep this short: Took the white night scene from the yafray forum, tweeked it a bit, and then did a day and night test in indigo. I liked what came out. Note: the day picture is very harsh, please excuse.

Picture? What picture?

there too large, compressing…

Okay, here you go!


Why didn’t you just post the compressed image, instead of no image at all?

yeah well, didn’t think of that at the time…

post thoes files and I’ll throw 6 computers at them for half a day, I’d like to see them less grainy.

I need space to post them, since the forum only allows pics. So anyone know a good file site. And if you could find one with a large size limit that would be awesome, seeing as I want to upload uncompressed videos of my animation tests (see the link in my sig.)

Mitso: I really dig your sig, it’s so true.