Indigo TeaPot Room (& plugin)

Here’s a simple scene: a completely closed room with only one small opening, and one sun light. Regular path-tracing could have trouble with scenes like this, but the MLT algorithm does better. It still has some noise but the light-bounce and shadows are really nice and they look so accurate. And the colors came out rather pleasant, but only after adjusting the gamma and exposure. Thanks to exr output this was easily accomplished without much limit – I made the same adjustments on the 8-bit version and the results were bad. The spheres have an aluminum material and everything else is lambertian.

I used my own Newell Teapot generator script, which also makes the spoon, cup, and yoda at any resolution you desire:

Rendered for 23 Hours, using 2 threads, on a 3.6 GHz PC and there is still a little noise. Some necessary corrections in HDRShop: Gamma 0.5, Exposure +0.4, and White Balance on whole selection made a world of difference to the original faded output. The second render has no white balance correction.

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That look real nice I like the light on the wall in the first render it has a real sun “feel” to it. I use the tea pot script all the time for tests I have posted some. I get tiered of that monkey;). Thanks