indigo test! (material,glass,mirror)

C & c please

indigo is awesome

any idea as to how long these took to render and on what kind of specs?
these look really nice!

The first took about 30mins

The second took about 60mins

The third 25mins

All three had some post prod to reduce the noise using ‘neat image’.

My spec is:

AMD athlon 1600+
1.40 GHz
512 DDR ram

Cheers for the comments.

where is the difference between indigo and maxwell???

You can’t really compare the two. Indigo is free, like blender.

I’d expect render times to be slower in indigo. I’d also expect less features. But as time goes on perhaps the gap between maxwell and indigo will be reduced.

But not open source, like blender…

Nice tests. You using 0.5 or the new 0.6 test (6 i think)?

0.6t6 has some considerable speed increases.