indigo/wine problem


get this error message when executing indigorenderer with wine:

booerr:wineconsole:WCUSER_SetFont wrong font
err:wineconsole:WCUSER_SetFont wrong font
IniFileExcep: could not open file 'localinifile.txt'.
Fatal Error: IniFileExcep: could not open file 'localinifile.txt'

any ideas? thanx in advance.

Somewhere you need to have localinifile.txt, and its not where its supposed to be.

I have an idea whats causing it.

In windows you have PATH variables. Suppose you make java programs - you can add your java code directory into the PATH and whenever executed programs look for files, the directories listed in PATH are checked for these files.

Find the localinifile.txt and execute wineconsolewhatever while cd’d in the same directory?

make sure you are in correct directory. and type: wine indigo filenamewiththexmlindexhere and it should start rendering. I have allmost same exact message here,i typed incorrectly the name of the xml file and that came up.

oh man.

just forgot “filenamewiththexmlindexhere”