Indigo Wine

Here we go, something I made for the Indigo promo image contest.



this is good stuff,did u use fluid sim for the wine?

Doh, yeah, forgot to add that, yes, I used fluid sim, ~175 rez

very good indeed then.4 1/2 stars from me:D

Where do I get this indigo renderer from anyway? I prefer its results to yafray.

Funny, I love this picture, but I just noticed something: the bottle is on the table, yet the wine is pouring into the cup. Just saying. But lovely image all the way. I am going to guess and say that this baby took aroung 2 hrs to render out. Am I close?

HcOO: Mind you Yafray is much faster than Indigo, as Indigo is Unbaised, meening that the longer you let it render the better the results. The good stuff starts at around 2 hrs though!

There is the possibility of another bottle :stuck_out_tongue: My original render was as follows:

It actually took about 20 hours, but I did render it at HD, then scale it down. Keep in mind it was running among the blender fluid sim, and a tank game for about ~75% of that time.

My only crit is the lable of the wine bottle. It deserves more accurity
The rest - brillant

I think the fluid sim should have been computed with more definition OR a smaller domain.
Aside that, it’s cool :slight_smile:

Beer well… be wine…
ar never mind

This is very good.
The only downer is the label on the winebottle.

man indigo is really the shit… the base of the wineglass where it touches the table is pretty much photorealistic. the wine on the other hand, looks like jelly. but who knows, maybe somewhere they drink jelly out of a wine glass. and use indigo

yeah, its looks like jelly, but its rendered nice

Yeah, I ran out of time to continue experimenting with the fluid sim.