indigo wont save solved

Hi everyone
Im having some truoble getting indigo to save,
the finished picture should end up in the render file inside indigo on the program list,
it does this outomaticly but it sudenlly stopped saving there.
could anyone tell me how to get it saving again?
most of the pictures work look-gallery


I wouldn’t know exactly why is this happening to you…
But I can tell you what I would do… First check if the System configurations on Blendigo export script are correct. For me I wouldn’t try to change anything concerning Indigo itself.
If all the configurations are OK then the best way I believe is to just Install Indigo again.

I hope I were any help to you.

Fort Ash

The export folder specified in Blendigo may have changed. Less likely, but still possible, you’ve adjusted the save period to something massive and it’s not reaching the save point. I’ll upload some images to show where the settings are in a minute.

Checks Indigo and finds out there’s no setting to change the output folder

Anyway, without further details thats all I can think of.

thanks Nitronic755 and Fort ash
it works now here are some images