Indigo, Yafaray, Luxrender ?

Hi all,

I played with an old scene I never finished and I had the idea to try some renderings with the 3 main external renderers used today with Blender, I mean Yafaray 0.1.0, Indigo 1.1.13 and Luxrender weekly CVS Build from 13/10 (I also could have used Blender internal and why not Vray as an exporter is available to have a complete comparison, maybe later on).

So I rendered the same scene with each of them and ok, nothing special here but I’m curious to see who will guess which image goes with which renderer. So if you’d like to try just answer like for instance Indigo,Yafaray, Luxrender.

Modelled with blender 2.45 - 2.48
Trees from and
Textures from 3DTotalTexture DVD and

Rendering time varies from 4 hours for Yafaray, 3h30 hours for Indigo and 8 hours for Luxrender in a 1200x1200 resolution.

Edit : Here is the answer

Image 1 : Luxrender
Image 2 : Yafaray
Image 3 : Indigo

Some more information :

I didn’t spent to much time on the shaders, so the result may indeed be much more realistic. The purpose here was to get 3 results based on the same scene. Although, shaders should be tweaked according to each renderer. Another important information, the Indigo and Luxrender rendering were postprocessed (with neatimage) to remove the remaining noise, the Yafaray result did not required any noise removal, so at equal rendering time the Yafaray result would be better than Indigo and Luxrender one.

Some tecnical information :

Yafaray : Pathtracing, 48 path samples, AA=2, 5, 36
Luxrender : Metro + Pathtracing
Indigo : Metro + Bidir (mainly because it crashes without bidir !!?)
Lighting : Sunlight for each render engine
DOF : Standard with each renderer, not always the best solution, that’s why I usualy add it in postprocessing.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Great work

I guess bottom is Indigo due to the black spots in Ice cubes. Indigo does that with some triangles and reversed normals.

Luxrender is probably in the middle due to the look of grain and the no DOS blur on the table

And so top looks consistent with YAFRAY.

Looks great!

I think the wall could use a little more bump, and the reflections on the wood are a little blurry.
My guesses:

Pretty sure the last one is indigo…but I may be wrong :slight_smile:

Edit: LOL, I had changed my answers based on eveyone elses, but I had the right ones origionally :stuck_out_tongue:

Enrico, great work on this benchmark. I think that a good thing would be adding the main settings on the different render engines, don’t you? Also, would be good having an INternal one and a Vray one, it’s true.

PS. off topic: i love your work, man! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My guess is:
Yaf(a)ray, Indigo then Lux

This is hard.

I’m guessing :-


Oh, nice pictures, almost the same. My opinion is:


It is a challenging scene for a renderer and, not knowing indigo or yaf(a)ray, I would guess image 2 as the luxrender image. It is interesting how the different renderers treat the concrete steps on the far side of the pool.

i haven’t quite figured out why the table top is lighter in image 3.

Thanks for posting.

Does the horrible DOF come standard with each renderer?
Top one is definately yafaray, it looks the least photoreal, infact it looks B.I.ish.
The middle one, i assume by process of elimination is lux render.

The last one has the most natural colour progression and light, looking at the ice, the trees in the background and the underside of the umbrella, i think its Indigo.


Yafray, Indigo, Lux…?

Probably wrong.

Anyway, it’s a very nice scene and I disagree on the DOF. I think it works quite well…

Let me try


What he said.

That order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m far from getting these results myself, and tweaking materials and other settings in exporters is really a nightmare for me, but for what I’ve seen so far, I would say :

1- Indigo
2 - Yaf(a)ray
3 - LuxRender

enricoceric - what is correct answer?

And I can’t believe, that indigo are faster than YaR.

i’d say,


altough i know you do great renders this ones doesnt look realistic to me.

Thanks to all for participating, you can check the answer on top of the thread. Some of you guessed it.
I’ll probably come back with some other images of this scene.


I’ll probably come back with some other images of this scene.

May be you can even share it :slight_smile:

Very interesting comparison :slight_smile:
I noticed it too late to guess though…

It would be interesting to see what rendertimes you get with a current CVS version of lux,
i fixed an issue last week which makes the engine 2x to 3x as fast.


Hi Radiance,

It would be great to test it, how can I get it, the CVS version on the forum is still from 15/10 ?