I was reading about Indigo. Is it worth downloading and installing or should I stay with Yafray and Blender internal? Anyone care to weigh in?


The fact you need to ask the question says ‘probably not’. It’s like asking Michelin or Pirelli; either could be better than the other depending on whether you use them in the dirt or on blacktop or on a bike, a car or a boat.

Having said that, downloading to explore different software options is the only way you’ll satisfy yourself.


I should have made myself clearer. Iwas wondering if it was worth it for my final rendering which is a head. I have been experimenting with lighting and with or without ref maps, just everything I can to make me understand the program more. For something like glass I am sure it is better than Blender internal but is is better for a human head. The images I have seen look great for reflections that sort of thing


I would say it is good for outdoor scenes, with buildings. Or indoor scenes with sunlight streaming in. All in all it’s a totally different process to setup textures and lighting for Indigo vs. yafray or blender internal. I would have to say no for a head, unless you want to write your own custom shader for skin with really good SSS. And if you do then please post the source when you are done.