Nice car Jacco, reminds of “East of Eden” just lacking JD. Did you model the free-form sufaces with BLENDER? If so, can you give us some brief how-to?

did everything with blender.

how to? I followed this tutorial XD


I had a VERY BAD expereance with Kithia extenal rederer (I know that is wrong but i can’t remember) in that the computer I downloaded it on got compleatly FRIED:eek: with spyware.
So will someone give me a link that they are sure is safe to download indigo from:D

You mean Kerkythea? Did you get it from the main site?

For indigo: and look for the links

:slight_smile: Big thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I did mean Kerkythea; I am a very bad speller:o and I could not remember anyways.

Link for Kerkythea to please?:smiley:

Your google bar broke?

okay, last time tho:

Thanks!! :slight_smile: