Hi! I wanna know if it’s worth downloading Blendergo. (I thinks thats what it is…a mixture of blender and indigo) Or, should I just download Indigo. I’m really confused about this. I’ve heard your renders are much nicer in Indigo… but is modeling easier in Indigo??

You need both. Indigo is the actual Render engine. Blendigo is the Python script that will let you export your Blender scene to the Indigo engines file format and start the render. Take a look at the Blendigo thread on the Indigo forum:

Look here … :slight_smile:

alright thanks… do you guyys highly recommend I download indgo??

Well, it depends what you plan to use it for, but YES! Download it! And you still use Blender for modeling/ materials/light setup. Indigo is just a renderer.