Indirect Lighting demo Video using Blender ALPHA 1

Hi guys:

I made a short video testing the new indirect lighting in 2.5 alpha 1.

I tried different situations to see how it behaved and combined all the scenes in this video.

That is well done! Thanks for sharing. The indirect lighting aspect is fun to watch, the dynamics of the objects, engaging, works well with the music.


How much are the faces subdivided and how long did the pre-calculation take, last I knew you had to subdivide faces for it to illuminate properly.


and btw great movie.

Very well done!
In the first indirect lighting SVN I had trouble with the distance of the objects from the surface, it was a pain to set up the correct value since sometimes it was too much other times too subtle. Would you mind to share your indirect lighting settings and the objects emitting values?

any idea how to prevent light bleeding through material thickness?

marked inside the cube, no light should reach it.

I dont know the name of the song. I ripped it some time ago and it doesnt have a name. I could send it to you though.

The settings are super easy.
indirect lighting 1, sometimes 3
material shading emit 2.
and dont use any lights.

render times varied since scenes are very different
this one was 7 seconds per frame at 720p on a 2 year old macbook pro.

Particles took longer to render but played in realtime.

I didnt subdived the ground plane as you can see or any other cube or object. I noticed that sometimes the bleeeding created noticeable circles.

Great job man, really really beautiful!!!
Could you share the music through rapidshare or somewhere, thanks!

I don’t think Brecht commited proper shadowing yet. He said he would eventually for Durian as he continues with the shading/render refactor, but he hasn’t done so yet.

ok good to know.

Very cool… but isn’t this more like a ‘Glow’ rather than indirect lighting?

mh not really glow, not really true indirect lighting, but a fast trick to simulate light bounces.
at least it works well to bring some brightness into scenes which is often missing with
normal direct lightning.

I do like this, but i agree with the post above.

Therefore I guess some issues have been addressed in recent svn. I’ve got a lot of trouble with indirect lighting in animations the first time I tried that. The light did vary a lot from a frame to the other one just because the position or the size of the particles. Good the see that now it works pretty well!

jason 7

do you want to send it to me email?

info AT ckbrd DOT de

thank you


it does not flicker at all and renders puh darn fast.

this makes my furniture renderings in Blender look much better
because just the right amount of glow makes you believe it is using GI
which brings brilliance to the table.

shiny irresistible brilliance.

Nope, I’m not talking about the flickering issue, never got that problem. I’m talking about the unpredictable and different results on the illumination of the scene when I was applying the emitting material to an animated object. This is something I’ve noticed in an earlier SVN. It was well illuminated in one frame and when the object was scaled up the scene was burned.


I tried that as well, a dupli verts cube light array moved and scaled.
no emitting power fluctuations.

runs fine here.

boy this trick will be awesome when we also have shadowing with this method.

Shadowing would require ray tracing though, wouldn’t it? Kai’s blender already had a feature to use diffuse color to emit in raytraced ambient occlusion. I’d quite like to see a raytraced form of this feature.