indirect lighting tests

does anyone know if it is possible to use this for HDR lighting?

The path tracer may not end up going into trunk as said by Brecht (which seems unfortunate given these neat results unless he’s going to implement something better)

is there any way we can test this? (like, a build?)

linux 32:

linux 64:

Pity it won’t be in SVN…but I bet Brecht have something even better up his sleeve if I know him right…


well I hope so too since we need more than direct illumination.

the results look already not too bad, while being very simple and it would
be interesting to see how this would work with glossy surfaces.

as brecht mentioned in durian blog

Indirect Diffuse Light There’s already an incomplete implementation in trunk based on the approximate AO algorithm. We’ll try to extend this method to do proper shadowing. This could be done using either the recent micro-rendering algorithm (a bit simpler and more flexible) or the pixar technique (proven to work). The main challenge here is keeping performance high enough, it is expected to be quite a bit slower, but hopefully still faster than raytracing, and working on scenes that don’t fit in memory.”

time to fire up virtualbox…

I am using OSX 26619

Just want to clear up some confusion, these pictures are using the AAO indirect illumination already implemented in 2.5 trunk right? not the pathtracer brecht is experimenting with in the new render branch


nice try. I did not know that it was the indirect pass.

Too bad that in the current state it brightens up also behind an object.

well noit certain what will get frm 2,.5 yet
but this might be easier to do this in 2.49 and yafaray

have a look

but hope we can get some indirect in 2.6 i guess

happy blendering

Unfortunately that image is still not clear…try un-checking AO and re rendering…then I can clarify.
Actually all the speculation does not matter one bit…what is in the final package is of more consequence.

have have done a litle testing of my own, using the pathtracer alone not AAO

Yes, I have seen this and it made me smile…who does not get happy about new rendering/shading improvements…still it is nice to see several examples.

is it possible to use this indirect lighting as the old radiosity?
i can use radiosity to make very good things, but with IL I have no luck

I want to light indoor scenes

Hey Endi

I am surprised that somebody with your wizard skills cannot figure that out :wink:

is IL able to use light from volume to do some indirect ligthing

like Emission or reflection from a mesh with some volume
and what about the volume texture emission ?


I highly doubt that!