Indirect lighting won't work!

I can’t seem to get indirect lighting to work when it’s set to “raytrace”.

I have a very simple scene: a cube as the whole scene, a suzanne head, and a colored sphere with the emit value set to 2.0. The sphere is the only thing that shows up in the render, everything else is black.


I am not certain but indirect lighting only works when the Gather method is set to Approximate in the Gather panel, which by default is just underneath the Indirect Lighting panel.

Attached is a Blender 2.52 file showing Indirect lighting. If I am misunderstanding the question sorry.


Blender 2.52 - Indirect Lighting.blend (95.1 KB)

I’ve seen a post where someone was comparing the “raytrace” and “approximate” gather methods. Approximate works for me, but I’m complaining that raytrace doesn’t work for me.


I think they are using a build from a different (non-trunk) branch. Raytraced indirect lighting doesn’t work for me yet either.