Indirect Lighting

I like the way indirect lighting looks and it is a feature that I could really use. The only problem I have is that it takes me forever to render 1 frame of a glow filled area on a new, very fast computer, running Windows 7.

The one picture took literally about 4 hours to render.

Is there a way to get the indirect lighting without it being so slow?

When I’m not in class anymore, I’ll post the picture.

That is one insane render… i use indirect lighting frequently and it takes at at most 15 mins on a detailed scene. And my pc is shit.
you must be changing some unnecessary setting or something
I’ve got a tutorial that may help you:

This is how long it took to render:

This is the final image:

I dont see the point in using indirect lighting in your image - it does literally nothing - but the reason for your long render times is due to all the mirror objects. All that raytracing, even without IL, will inevitably take long

I’m aware that using ray tracing and mirror takes a while, but it doesn’t take my computer anywhere near that long to render that image without IL which actually made a huge difference. Whenever I don’t have IL on, the glow is almost completely gone and it doesn’t look as good. but it renders in about 4 minutes.

That’s the one without IL on.

This is the original version when this was first made:

and that was about 5 minutes because everything was mirror unlike the black one where it’s just the cubes.

I’m guessing all your objects are also unnecessarily high poly? And raytracing depth is turned up a little bit?
Anywho, like I said, IR does nothing in your scene. Theres nothing to light since it’s all just getting reflected. Just turn off IR and increase the Emit values on those liquid looking things