individual centers not working anymore???


It’s slowly been getting to me this.

previously when you selected “active object” or “individual centers” as the pivot point and then for instance rotated in edit mode… your selected verts would rotate nicely around the object center…

this doesn’t work anymore???

I end up doing a lot of “cursor to selection”, pivot around cursor now… which is one step too many really.

Am I missing something??

It works good for me.

really??? in 2.40 as in:

Select a single vert in an object… set the pivot point to active object or individual object centers… then rotate the vert… it isn’t moved around the object center… it still tries to rotate around it’s center.

With a single vert it’s always been like that; you can only rotate it around the cursor.


I thought you meant to move the object around it’s center.

I think Macouno’s right. There does not seem to be any difference between active object, individual object centers and median point in edit mode, regardless of how many vertices you choose.

I don’t know if it has always been this way, but it sure would be nice if it wasn’t.

ha, and silly me just asked the exact same question. Sorry.

heh… and did you get an answer cosimo???

I’m tempted to submit it to the bug tracker but I’d like to be sure first.

Fligh% I’ts definitely not always been like that… you could rotate a vert around the object center… I’m quite certain.

The funny thing is, I think it was like this in 2.37 also, and 2.36. I started on 2.34, and I think that may have been the last time it wasn’t like that.

However, when I first noticed it, I thought maybe it had always been like that.

yeah it’s not happened in 2.4 it was a while back, but only now it’s really getting on my nerves. I’m sure we’ve always been able to rotate verts around object centers… even in pre open source days.

I checked on 2.23 before answering. Back then it had only two choices; around the Cursor and around Individual Center. The individual center of 1 vert is the center of that vert.


Then how come I distinctly remember rotating/resizing verticle (single or multiple) relative to the object center???

/giggle… I’m not psychic but my crystal ball has a hard time deciding between Tuhopuu and Test Build. I myself don’t remember this but it may have been in a version before the Transform recode.


yes it was before the transform recode… it was also before we had the 3d transform manipulators… before the “move object centers only” button… probably before edge n face select modes… definitely before the mulitple proportional edit falloff selections.

I know I’m getting old and I may be wingeing a bit… but I used that functionality all the time.

What is the “object center” functionality for now than since it won’t do that???

I’m not saying that some of those options are not redundant (or, at least, functionally equivalent), my comment was just about the single vert behaviour (which I don’t like but, since I understand why, I have learned to live with).