individual face inset

hey guys,

short question: do you know how to make a individual inset for each face with one action?
when i have a subdivided plane with all faces selected and press i for inset, blender makes me a topology like on the left side.
but i want it like on the right side. is there an easy and fast way to do this?
hope its clear what i mean?

I use I to inset one face, then select a new face and press F3 to choose Inset from the past action, and this sets it the same as the previous. I haven’t seen a faster way, so I hope someone else drops some better knowledge here too

Just tested, adn this works too: Set your Pivot Center to Individual Origins, select your faces, Alt E to extrude, choose Individual Faces, Confirm. Scale down to get the same geo as you would with Inset.

works fine. thanks! exactly what i searched…

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Hit i twice and you’ll get inset each selected face.

yep. double ‘I’ for individual.

Where the hell you find all thous tricks, accidentally maybe? Thanks anyway!

and then we get the gang wit the real knowledge!! thanks y’all, exactly the thing I hoped we would hear :smiley:

Oh that was helpful for me too! Thank you very much!

I had the same problem, and asked in here which is why I know. I am guessing there is a lapse in documentation at play here.