Individual looking for blender artist to help repair blender model


Hello all,
I am looking for an experienced blender artist who can repair a model of a woman that was taken with a 3d camera. There are many holes and large areas with no mesh that need to be repaired.
I am attaching a screen shot with 2 views to give you an idea of what needs to be fixed.

If interested, please message me with examples of your work and any questions you may have.
I need it asap, (within the next 2 weeks).
budget: $250 US

Thank you!
Stephanie :slight_smile:


I have tagged this #nsfw as there’s nudity in the image.

Hello Stephanie,

Have you already been able to repair the model? I’m volunteering for the job if it hasn’t been done yet.

Daniel Capua

she has’nt replied me either…

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