individual passes (i.e. glossy, diff) not rendered correctly.

Hi guys.

I have a weird issue that I am trying to solve. The problem is that I have some weird artifacts in some of my passes. You can see here the difference between my combined pass which is nice and clean and properly anti aliased and then I have the glossy indirect which shows the issue I speak of.

I’ve tried playing with a bunch of settings but nothing really solves the issue. Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing it?



ok so a little update here,

I managed to get what I needed using the compositor to combine the direct/col/indirect of the diffuse, specular and transmission passes and export them from there.

Which issues and artifacts are you referring to? Color and light intensity passes are not anti-aliased because for combining passes they must express the exact color value, not a modified one. Multiplying with alpha should be done after combining the passes together.

ah yes i didnt realise that some of those passes are aliased. thanks very much for clearing this up for me.