individual vertices join

i had individual vertices on edge around wings and tail of parrot. One problem was that I tried to make each vertices to join vertices of wings during edit mode as well as tail. It wont join because these vertices are object that separate from wings and tail vertex… I tried to find different solutions but never happen… Any suggestion… Thanks…


You need to join the objects together to be able to connect vertices to form edges and faces. Select one wing, hold shift and select the other wing. Let go and press Ctrl-J. It will become one object and you can’t connect the verts in edit mode. You probably want to do the same thing with the tail.

It’s also a case where you probably ought to be using a mirror modifier on the whole thing, that way you only do half the work and it’s guaranteed symmetrical.

Don’t exactly get what you want to achieve with the vertices…
If you want to be able to control the mesh with different animatable ‘handles’, go look at the hook modifier.
Nice explanation what it does on blenderdiplom:

Blenderallday- Thank you for your advice. I had mirror and curve modifer for wings. I should have not applied mirror before i was add individual vertices for particle as path as well as tail in animation. Oh well, i dont want to go over to mirror and curve modifer for wings then Ctl+J. So I have an idea and just figured out, I copied shift+D wings. During Edit Mode, I took whole vertices out but only vertiex line edges behind of wings alone. I put these lines near that behind the wings… It does work. Again, thank you for your advices @Blenderallday and @mobimo. BTW @Blenderallday-make sure you drink coffee during cold weather in Florida and focus on your projects all day on Blender. hehehe just kidding ya.