individual wireframe?

Hello all! I am attempting to set up blueprint planes in blender using the nice script image to planes. Anyways I get it all set up and start modeling only to find out that when I enter wire frame mode “z”, EVERYTHING turns to wire frame. Is there any way at all to only allow wire frame on single objects? I know in 3ds you can freeze or lock the object and it will be unaffected by anything you do. I have locked the object so that i can grab it and mess it up and have hovered over every button in blender reading the description of each and also searched all day on the topic but nothing wants to come up for me.

Anyways thanks for the help!

Set the object display to Wire


It works. is there a way to shortcut that? Im used to hitting z to go back and forth from solid to wire when i edit and since the viewport has to be in texture mode to see my blueprint planes it gets messy when i hit z.