Individuation (still + 360° animation)

One more (last?) preview piece from my virtual exhibit in progress, much in the same spirit as the last two (“change of heart” and “animus + anima”) because it’s from that same portion.

Well if you thought the last two were odd, don’t say I didn’t warn you :wink: This one took four days to reach this final form. All one mesh.

Here is the image link.


Here is a 360° animated view of the piece (~780k, AVI - DivX encoded).

Note: Due to limited available render time, I downgraded the lighting (from area to point light), turned off AO, lowered subsurf by two levels, and rendered with OSA values down (and Full OSA off) at a lower resolution. At least it should give an idea how this thing flows.

This time I used the bezier circle, Stefano :wink: I had to parent everything (but the sculpture) to the camera though, since the lighting didn’t satisfactorily illuminate the rear portion when in a fixed position.

I tilted the circle about 10 degrees and deformed it a bit to pull the camera in close and to slightly vary the angle during the revolution. Should loop seemlessly.

Thanks for looking,


I dont know what to say.I don know what it is…well i know its really good.

Very interesting visualization of philosophycal or psychological concept !
I imagine Man squirming in agony of the birth.

Robertt did it once more.
Looks really cool!

Another really nice sculpture Robertt. These are very original which makes them even better.

Yet again, you have managed to hit the material on the nose. Great shader work.


I’ve really enjoyed viewing your artwork lately, Robertt! With each new work, I’ve been saying to myself, “wow, this would be great to see from all angles!” And here you’ve gone and done it! This is a true advantage of using Blender to create such sculpture: you can take advantage of the 3D to fully display the work via a flyaround. Great job, and keep up the excellent work! Know that you are giving pleasure to others when you let us share in your creativity!

Ummmm…maybe I just don’t see it, or maybe everybody els is just blinded by your usual talent, but what in the world is it? To me it seems quite random.


JediJapan: Thanks, some of these sculptures are more literal than others, whereas the key to possibly understanding this one is in the title :slight_smile:

Caplicon: Thanks! And what an interesting interpretation! :smiley: That’s exactly what I hope these do at some level, provoke people to consider them as we would a “real” art piece and engage it on some interpretive level. Well done :wink:

Loy: I appreciate that :slight_smile:

BgDM: Your words mean very much to me, so thank you very much BgDM. Shaders remain a challenge since the topology for each of these is so nonuniform and also that I want each piece to be unique.

mzungu: Wow, I really appreciate the awesome feedback mzungu! I realize I am taking chances with each of these pieces, some working better than others, so I’m never sure how people will consider them (which I think is probably a good thing for an artist :)). Blender is such a pro-artist tool, and I’m grateful to have Blender to be able to pursue these ideas, which would otherwise have been impossible for me to realize.

mystery00: I know what you mean :smiley: There are many art pieces I’ve come across where I might have had a similar initial reaction. Some art is random or attempting to escape or defy logic or closure, etc. This piece was planned in the sense I went into it envisioning mostly what you see in order to make something depicting “individuation,” but there are always those occasional spontaneous moments, which are often overrided by countless edits afterwards – especially here as the topology quickly became complex and many adjustments needed to be made. I started this Friday evening and finished last night, so it was a difficult piece to finish on top of all that – a big relief to be done with it :slight_smile: As I was telling JediJapan, a key to understanding this piece (if it’s really possible) is in the title, which may help explain. Here I was trying to apply some elements of surrealism, cubism, and abstract in 3D.


Robertt as always great work. I love your style of renders. So clean,simple yet complex and just plain stunning :slight_smile: Keep it up.